Your Spring Garden Checklist: A How-To Guide for the Spring Gardener   Gardening is a much-loved hobby for those who partake in it. With warmer weather headed our way, it’s time to get your garden back to its former glory. If you’re new to gardening, or you are just looking for some new tips, here is your [...]

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Spring Clean Up Your Yard. Now is the Time.

It’s Cleanup Season In other states spring comes around much later than ours. Because in Washington we don’t really get cold winters, everything wakes up and starts to grow much sooner. Typically in Mid January you start to see some plants to bloom. Some of them are : Forsythia, Indian Plum, Saracocca, Heather and many more. January [...]

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How to install mulch , the right way.

Proper installation of bark mulch. How to avoid common mistakes.   How to install mulch, bark. Mulch installation is one of the best ways to instantly enhance the look of your area lawn and landscape. However, if applied wrong, you can damage or even kill plants, encourage pests, and create a larger problem down the [...]

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