Weed Control

Weed Control is a must in lawns and landscape beds to stop weeds from taking over and chocking out turf and other plants. It can be done by hand and with no use of herbicides, but if a home owner is willing to spend much of time doing that , it can be controlled.  No mater how weed free your lawn or landscape beds may be , birds, wind and even your landscape maintenance contractors bring new weed seeds on to your property. We do not maintain neglected lawns, or mow wild fields  full of weeds and bring same mowers in to your yard spreading everything we picked up  there.

What are weeds?

  • Little or no recognized value (as in medicinal, material, nutritional or energy)
  • Rapid growth and/or ease of germination
  • Competitive with crops for space, light, water and nutrients

If you would like us to set up a package for you,  to keep your  lawn ,  landscape beds, or all hard surfaces weed, moss free we can help. Most important services in our opinion are pre-emergent applications. By applying these you eliminate 80% of the weeds even ever germinating.  Why spray an 8 inch dandelion weed and wait for a week for it to die, if we can help it never open up from a seed.