Hedge Trimming, Training, Repairing and Growing.

When it comes to hedge trimming, we buy, maintain the best equipment in the World, yes World. We use only Stihl commercial trimmers, chainsaws. Commercial trimmers come with different size teeth, the speed of cutting and premium steel blades.  Washington has a lot of landscape maintenance companies to choose from. Few of them are reliable and others are not. If you would like to hire a dependable hedge trimming company that will show up on schedule and provide high quality trimming for an affordable price then you should consider using our services. Our hedge trimmers provide work of art results and our clients tell us they didn’t know you can make a hedge look this straight or good. We have the knowledge and experience to do the best job every time. We offer one-time hedge trimming service as well as a variety of hedge maintenance options. Some hedges may need to be done 1 time per year some 4 times. It all depends on the type of hedge you have if it was grown with trees, shrubs, grasses or ground covers.  Upon request, our hedge trimmers can remove the excess hedge clippings as well. All you need to do is fill out our short and easy contact form, tell us a little bit about your hedges, and we will get back to you promptly with a custom hedge trimming quote.

Why our company is best for your Hedges? 

  1. We sharpen our tools weekly, to give your plants a clean sharp cut.
  2. We treat our tools so there is no spreading of any plant diseases from someone’s plants.
  3. We have LNI insurance. Protects our employees in case of any injury that may occur from using ladders.
  4. We don’t hack, butcher plants, we know what we are working with and will never cut off more than recommended.
  5. Keeping our trimmers blades clean increases their ability to give us neat cuts, which heals branches quicker. Proper maintenance and regular attention increases the life of your plants and ensures that your hedges thrive and heal fast. We always reapply lubricants to the blades to protect them from rust.