Leaf Clean Up

Leaf Clean up near me

Leaf Clean up

Leaf Clean Up is a very important service. Many do not give this much importance. Cleaning up leafs when they are dry takes pros minutes, if they are left there for weeks or months it takes hours to clean up wet , soggy, decomposing leafs. In many situations they stick to your driveway staining it, they get stuck to your building, get blown inside the house and garage. If leafs are not cleaned up from the  lawns as their decompose they change PH levels to your soil. 

When those leaves begin to fall, fall lawn care can turn into a chore.

Raking leaves is a time-consuming task and can leave many with sore backs and blisters on their hands. Many people choose to sweat it out and do their own , or pay the kid down the street a few bucks, but in many cases – especially for the elderly, or those with health problems or large lawns – they’re better off calling in the professionals.

As a Landscape company we are efficient, we have high powered blowers and vacuums to do this. We have large Dump trucks to Haul all of it away.

We also haul away the debris after the leaf clean up. We take debris to the local recycling facility where leafs are used to make compost.