New Sod Installation.

Sod Installation

We are your local Sod Installation Company, and helpful lawn maintenance experts. We can prepare the yard, grade it, purchase ,  deliver and install sod throughout Snohomish and King County, from the South Seattle down through North Everett. No matter the size of lawn you need installed, we offer the highest quality sod, multiple varieties,  the best sod installation services and competitive pricing for sports fields, golf courses and even small residential areas.

Our team of sod and lawn care experts will even go over proper lawn care and maintenance tips with you so your sod installation continues to look beautiful. All Seasons  offers sod installation services that are professional, fast, and always done right the first time. If you would like us to provide you with a quote for ongoing maintenance of the Sod , we can do that too. 

We Can Help with Your Sod Installation

Step 1 Order Sod (24 hour advance notice required)
Step 2 Curbside Delivery
Step 3 We will Prepare Soil
Step 4 We will Fertilize Soil
Step 5 We Will Install Sod Same Day

Once your sod is installed, all you have to do is give your new lawn plenty of water, especially during the first two weeks, and provide optimum lawn maintenance. Wait to mow your lawn two to three weeks after the sod has been installed.