Planters, Containers, Pots, Baskets that are  full of color.

Planters, Containers, Pots, Baskets

Planters, Containers, Pots, Baskets

Great-looking Planters, Containers, Pots, Baskets Containers may seem complicated, many people think it is only in spring or summer you can have color on your deck, patio or in front of your house. It is far from truth. We have access to plants you will not find in usual hardware store or a nursery. For terrific  all year round , spring and summer arrangements, you can’t go wrong with these container planters. They all get our green thumb rating and are happy in containers.  We can even install drip systems in them , so you don’t ever have to worry about watering.

Successful container gardening starts from  choosing the right container, using soil that will drain properly while holding the moisture to prevent the plant from drying out, sufficient watering and fertilization, and providing the correct amount of light based on the plant’s needs.

In selecting a container, proper drainage is the most important consideration, and watering needs will be based partly on whether the container is porous, as in a
terracotta pot, or the pot is glazed, allowing less water evaporation through the container itself.

Potting soil should be porous in Planters, Containers, Pots, Baskets, include organic material for moisture absorption as well as free of weed seeds. Vermiculite, perlite, or water-holding polymers may be mixed in prior to planting to extend the time between waterings. It is important to group plants with similar moisture needs in one container, and check the soil daily, watering as needed.

Controlled-release fertilizer can be added at the time of planting, with water-soluble fertilizer used to supplement or replace time-release products as needed throughout the growing season.

When selecting plants and container locations, choose plant with similar needs, and make sure that the container will receive the required amount of sun exposure to assure success.