Low Voltage Lighting Modification and Repair.

Low Voltage Lighting Modification

Low Voltage Lighting Modification and Repair

Usually, some lights that go out, is due to connection problems. Pierce point connections (lighting kits)  to the main line tend to loosen and will have corrosion at the pierce point. Sometimes this can be temporarily fixed by squeezing the connection with pliers. A better solution is to cut the connections, strip the wire a bit, and reconnect  low voltage lighting  using compression butt connectors with heat shrink. The best solution is to make a new

with brass lugs and heat shrink.

Another problem in low voltage lighting modification and repair  could be the socket is corroded. The only thing you can do here is to put di-electric grease on the connection ends of the bulbs and hope. Otherwise, replace the fixture.

All Lights are out?

This usually is indicative of an electrical short.  Checking the GFI and pressing  “Reset”. In almost every situation troubleshooting landscape lighting requires a voltmeter.   Checking the fuse or breaker on the transformer. Then check the clock timer. If all these are working, checking to make sure there is proper voltage on the secondary side. The amperage coming out of the transformer should not exceed the printed limits on the transformer. If so, you will have problems with your landscape lights.  If the amps are really high, there may be a short somewhere down the line.  Checking the amperage on each fixture to narrow down the location of the short.

Landscape Lighting with Dim Bulbs?

This is a symptom of an improper voltage at the lamp.  Because of every extra light, you add and every foot of wire leads to voltage drop. Without watertight connections, you get even more voltage drop. Sometimes people try to get higher wattage lights to compensate for the lights being dim, but this just makes the voltage drop problem worse.  Checking the voltage at the end of the line with a voltmeter to troubleshoot your outdoor lighting.  This means the halogen lamp will not fire correctly and leads to premature burnouts and dim bulbs.

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