Lights Repair

low voltage out door lights

Outdoor Landscape Lighting

With every system installed , especially not by a licensed contractor there will be issues down the road. We see thousands of systems that home owners purchase them selves and install it with out having basic understanding what to do and how. If system is not working , most of the time  you don’t need to replace the whole system. Like so many projects, you will have to determine the problem first and then fix it. Many times its just the light bulbs that may need to be replaced, or there are to powerful and overload the transformer , making them burn out fast.
Most of the time the quality of lights that are purchased are not meant to work for a long time. Improper wiring, to many lights installed for what a transformer can handle. We can find the problem and repair the system for you. Once in a while , because there are so many issues it just make sense, to rewire all of the  lights  with new wire , using the same transformer and fixtures.