Low Voltage Lighting Installation

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Garden Lights

After we have a design of a lighting system in place, next step is installing it at your property. An average system has one transformer, 200-500 feet of 10-12 gauge wire and about 10-25 fixtures. We work with 9 manufacturers and there are thousands of light fixtures that you can choose from. Lighting Fixture costs can be from $ 30.00 and up, depending on style, design and size.

Our  transformers include many new features while maintaining the quality and reliability .  A custom-designed, weather-tight, clear-coated, stainless steel casing , seals components from moisture and debris.  Many Transformers that we install have a Lifetime Warranty. Yes Lifetime. Want to see how we can beautify your home? We are ready to help and install one of the systems for you. Contact us at 425-406-0424 or Email us