Fixture Maintenance, Transformers and Light Bulbs.

All outdoor landscape lighting systems require periodic fixture maintenance and repair. All Seasons  offers an Annual

Maintenance PrograLights Maintenancem for your system. For landscape lighting systems utilizing halogen bulbs, we offer an annual program designed to keep your system operating like new. Many homeowners simply replace bulbs in their fixtures only as they go out, but, maintaining a system this way has several disadvantages. As part of the maintenance program, we provide and at the same time troubleshoot issues. Some of the services  that we provide:

  • Repair Cut Wires
  • Tighten Loose Components
  • Repair, Replace Broken Lights.
  • Check Voltage at Transformer
  • Remove Debris, Clean Glass
  • Refocus Light Projection
  • Replace Bulbs
  • Reset Timers