Landscape Lighting Illumination

Do you want  landscape  lighting  illumination? At All Seasons we take pride ourselves to make any home more safe, attractive and look its best. Professionally Installed outdoor landscape  lighting appreciate homes value and give a resort feel right at home.

We provide our clients with the highest quality materials to guarantee satisfaction. We design and install unique, custom lighting systems to meet our customers specific needs and desires.

At All Seasons Landscape  Lighting  Illumination, we   focus on landscape lighting design and installation, custom lighting design as well as lighting repair and maintenance services. We offer a broad range of services to meet nearly any of your lighting needs.

We believe that outdoor lighting is more than simply adding external lights to your property.To us, outdoor lighting is an art. Our premium lighting designs require experience, design knowledge, practical application and quality products.

Many Types Of Outdoor Landscape Lights

1. Spotlights

This is a general term for lights that point only in 1 direction. It’s a general term because spotlights become a certain type of light when used in a certain way. For example, if you point a spotlight upwards at a wall, it becomes an uplight that creates a wall grazing effect.

Spotlights can range in brightness and amount of area they cover. They often illuminate statues, plants, walls, patios, and anything you can point it at.

2. Flood Lights

Flood lights are the most useful of the types of outdoor landscape lights for brightening large areas. They are spotlights with a high brightness and wide coverage range. They often illuminate driveways and patios from above.

3. Up/Downlights

With a wide range of uses these spotlights are some of the best from a design standpoint. Uplights can bring statues to life, create patterns on walls, and beautify your yard.

4. Step Lights

It’s all in the name. Step lights go either on walls beside the stairs or on the front, vertical face.

5. Garden Lights

Placing them in natural areas can show your favorite and most beautiful plants to the world. They’re almost like beautiful mushrooms of light. The light goes downwards and slightly out. This way everyone will see the plants instead of spots from looking at a bulb.

6. Bollard Lights

These are posts with lights right on the top. No light shield/cover. Bollard lights are one of the only types of outdoor landscape lights that can shine in every direction.

7. String Lights

Perfect for stringing through trees and over hardscapes so you can truly enjoy them. They provide a more subtle light for a picturesque scene.

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Landscape Lighting Illumination

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