We install dry creeks and dry creek beds, not water needed.

Dry Creeks

Simplicity and Beauty of Dry Creeks

Do you have a slope on your property down which excess water flows, causing erosion on the slope and/or a landscape drainage problem below? Homeowners can address this problem by building dry creek beds. Besides the practical aspect of improving landscape drainage, these features can also be attractive. In fact, some folks with absolutely no landscape drainage problems build them just because they like the way they look.

The creek beds original purpose was to divert water which naturally collects under the house during the winter and is pumped out with a sump pump. Since the pump comes on intermittently, only when there is enough water under the house, we decided to make it recirculating as well by adding a basin and another pump so that it could be turned on anytime.

These can make  a beautiful landscape if you do not want to install sod and many shrubs and trees. We have installed front yard and back yard landscapes using ornamental grasses and ground covers that require no watering what so ever, after  they  have established. These type of additions require Zero to Minimal maintenance.