First, consider the space you have and what you will use it for. Do you have a large backyard that you like to spend time in? Does your front yard lack curb appeal? Determining what you want from your yard and what functions you’d like it to have will help guide your landscaping decisions. We’ve assembled a few cheap landscaping ideas to help you create a yard you’ll enjoy.

A cheap landscaping idea that creates great visual impact is the use of perennials and groundcovers. They are not expensive and easy to plant. It doesn’t take a very long time to pick them up and to handle the plants.  If you have unused ground space in your yard or bare earth you’d like to cover up, use  mulch to fill in those areas. Mulch is inexpensive. Plant moss or creeping sedum. The combination of the two materials means you need less of each, saving you money.

Creeping sedum is a light green perennialLandscaping services, flagstone installation, pathways turf and beautiful gardensal with yellow flowers that spreads on its own, thrives in full sunshine, and doesn’t need much water or maintenance to survive. Another great option for creating a fragrant path is the use of the herb lemon thyme in your mosaic pattern. It grows slowly, requiring minimal maintenance, is edible and releases a nice aroma when stepped on.

Nurseries always have a sections with discounted plants. Many of them are still good and can be used in your landscaping . Buying plants in fall can give you the best savings. Nurseries try to eliminate allot of inventory before the new year.

If you don’t want to go through this process by yourself call us and we can work with budgets as little as $1000.00