Everett lawn service

No two lawns are alike. No two lawn mowing service providers are the same. It is like getting a haircut from a different barber. Very few take the time and do it right. Sharpened mower blades weekly, maintained equipment, mowing in different direction and professional equipment is a start for  beautifully maintained lawn. Our standard lawn care service includes mowing the entire yard, line trimming (weed eating) around all trees, posts, fencing, etc. We edge all sidewalks, patios and driveways with a blade edger and clean up of all trimmings.  We offer both weekly and bi-weekly lawn care.  However, we recommend our weekly service if you water your lawn, use a fertilization program or wish to thicken and improve the appearance of your lawn.

Unfortunately we do not perform one time lawn mowing service, or once a month lawn mowing service. Everett Lawn ServiceLawn grows at a rate of about 2-6 inches per week, depending on type of a turf, if its fertilized and yard is irrigated. Cutting turfs blade should not be more than 1/3 of its length. We can not make a 8-12 inches tall grass look good after one mow, no matter what we do.  Cutting to much in one serving stresses out the grass, browns it, weakens its immune system and produces lots of . Mowers can not bag double the volume of  clippings coming out from the deck of a mower, grass spits everywhere, leaving a green turf juice ,staining sidewalks, driveways,  furniture. We can mow a tall grass, only  if we get the property as a regular customer on a annual maintenance program and have an opportunity to train it back to normal length and visible health.

We will be happy to provide a free estimate the same day you call. We offer Weekly and bi-weekly lawn mowing in Snohomish County. However, we recommend our Weekly service if you water your lawn, use a fertilization program or wish to thicken and improve the appearance of your lawn.

Benefits of  hiring us:

• Perfect, Neat, Well Cut Lawn Free of Debris and Clippings
• Reliable, Same Day Service Every Week
• Conscientious – Gates closed and Environmentally Friendly, you will not have to worry about your puppy  coming out to a busy street.
• We sharpen our mowing blades weekly! Dirty, dull mower blades are bad for your lawn and kill your grass.
• We switch mowing direction weekly!
• We have a $2,000,000 + liability policy to protect you in the event of property damage or injury to an employee working at your property!

Lawn Prices start from $35.00 per cut

If you ready to sign up with us  call  425-406-0424 and we will be able to give you an estimate over the phone  or click here